Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you…”Birdie.”

This adorable lady was rescued by The County of San Diego Animal Services (a program now run by San Diego Humane ( We lost our dear sweet poodle, “Katie” a couple of months prior and our younger poodle “Frankie” was looking sad and lonely without her. We started looking in earnest for a new little buddy for Frankie. We are advocates of adopting all our animals from not-for-profit animal shelters, because we don’t believe in contributing to the sale of dogs for profit. Katie, Frankie and of my dogs for the last 20 years have been adopted from shelters or non-profit rescue organizations. There are many great San Diego non-profit animal rescue organizations so there were many to choose from. We decided to focus on finding a dog in one of the three County of San Diego Animal Shelters. They have a great website and excellent service and care for the many animals that they take in every day. We went online and we also visited the shelters to meet some potential matches. It took a few visits to find the right dog to be a good fit for our home, our lifestyle etc… but finding little Birdie made it worth all of the effort! She’s a very energetic dog, she loves to play, and did you see those ears?! Oh my! Birdie is about as cure as cute gets. Here is a photo of Birdie on the day we brought her home:

(insert photo of birdie in the car)

She had just been spayed, and between the barking dogs in the shelter and the procedure, she was feeling a little peevish. Once we got her home and she got some rest, her energy came back and her personality came out – and boy does she have a big personality!  We’ve done some research and we think Birdie is part Poodle and part Terrier, most likely Birdie has become Frankie’s little shadow. Birdie follows Frankie everywhere, and Frankie loves his little sister. They are inseparable now, and our sweet boy Frankie seems happier than ever. We are so happy to have Birdie in our family!

Homemade No-bake Peanut Butter & Coconut Oil Dog Bones

This is a super easy recipe to make.  Dogs absolutely love these healthy snacks, and they require no baking! How simple is that?

These little bone-shaped dog snacks are made with simple everyday ingredients. They have just peanut butter, coconut oil and cinnamon. Simple, healthy ingredients for your dogs to enjoy! These homemade dog snacks are packed with goodness. Coconut oil has been found to be beneficial for dogs, both inside and out. It makes their coats soft and shiny, it aids in digestion and is good for dogs with arthritis. Coconut oil also helps control yeast overgrowth as well. Cinnamon is a natural anti-inflammatory and helps prevent bacterial growth as well. They are fairly rich so one or two per day, depending on the size of the dog, is a very special high-value dog treat.  I make these Peanut Butter Dog Bones in my home kitchen and I keep them in a mason jar. They look lovely in the jar, and when the dogs see the jar come out, they get really excited!

Homemade No-bake Peanut Butter & Coconut Oil Dog Bones have a lot of coconut oil in them which can melt on a warm day. I keep them in the fridge, so they don’t lose their shape. I like to make them with organic ingredients.

I got this wonderful bone-shaped silicone mold online.

(Photo of the bone-mold)

It is easy to wash and can be used in the oven if the bone-shaped dog snacks you’re making requires baking. For this particular dog snack recipe however, no baking is needed. How awesome is that?


  • 1 cup Organic Coconut Oil
  • 1 cup Organic Peanut Butter
  • 1 teaspoon Organic Ground Cinnamon



Place the coconut oil, and peanut butter in a double boiler and heat on the stove at medium-low heat, until the mixture is smooth, creamy. Remove from heat and stir in the cinnamon. Pour the mix into the silicone trays and freeze until set. Gently pop the “bones” out of the tray and store in the fridge.


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