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Pampered Paw believes that a life with dogs is the best life that a human can have. We believe that humans have a unique relationship with and responsibility for all dogs, the ones in our families and the ones that don’t have families at all. Pampered Paw believes in education and creating community among dog lovers, while helping bring folks into the fold who have never known what it is to be loved by a dog. We believe that Every Dog is a Good Dog. At Pampered Paw we believe we and our dogs BOTH deserve the best life we can create. With these ideas in mind, we have created this space, and we have plans to make it a resource, a place to come and become energized and motivated, and a place to find great ideas and inspiration in dog care, dog training, understanding dogs, and understanding ourselves as people who care for dogs. Pampered Paw plans to offer high-quality products including locally sourced and organic bath and grooming products, unique clothing, accessories and healthcare products, and events for dogs and their people. We aim to foster the human-animal bond with our products, information and resources, including opportunities for training, pet massage, adoption events, community events, parties and events.

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